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Princess Day: Then & Now

Hey there friends, this is Valerie, creator of Princess Day: Celebrating Little Girls of Color.

When I was a little girl, no one called me princess. I didn’t expect it. There were no images or dolls that said I should/could/would be called Princess Valerie, not the shy, little Black girl with short hair.

FAST FORWARD: Surprise of surprises, I have become an established performing artist in my hometown, Boston. Ten years ago, I was spending the afternoon with my 5-year-old niece, Jade. She was happily dressed in her favorite yellow costume dress as we walked down a Downtown Boston street. We were stopped by a woman who asked if Jade was dressed as Snow White. I responded, “Oh no, this is Princess Day!”. And so it began, the next year I decided to create a Princess party for my nieces in the park next door.

But what do Princesses like to do? I had never produced an event like this. So, I consulted with Jade and Kiana, my six-year-old experts. On that day in August, Princess Day: Celebrating Little Girls of Color was born with 30 little girls with their families was born. A free party with brightly dressed little girls, laughing and playing. I cried.

NOW: The 8th Annual PRINCESS DAY: Celebrating Little Girls of Color is underway. Over the years, the Celebration has grown from the original 30 to 350 in 2019. Little girls from as far away as New Hampshire and Rhode Island arrived dressed in tutus and superhero costumes among princess clothes making crowns and sashes. Dancing, playing, and posing for photos. We have materials to make crowns and sashes. Free books. Face painting. Free snacks. Music and live entertainment. A brightly decorated Princess Throne gazebo.


Please help us make a Joyous Celebration for 2021.

Thank you

Valerie Stephens

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