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A Note from Valerie...

Picture from the 2021 Princess Day event.

Hello there,

I hope you all are in good health & at peace. For the last nine years, Princess Day: Celebrating Little Girls of Color has existed as a community-funded, free family celebration for little princesses and their families. I had no idea when I created this princess party, for my niece when she was five years old, that it would blossom into an annual event attended by families from throughout Boston's communities and neighboring states totaling close to 1000 over the years.

Princess Day: Celebrating Little Girls of Color has renewed my understanding of the transitional power of being told that you are special.

Initially, I had decided not to have it this year for personal reasons. However, as you can see, the community changed my mind. SOOO… HERE WE GO!

Mark your calendars… Saturday, August 13th. 2 pm5 pm at the Gertrude Howes Playground, 68 Moreland St., Roxbury, MA.

Also, Princess Day is funded through donations, so we are asking for your support.

If possible, donate, spread the word and sign up. Everything will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for all the support & love….and of course, see you soon! Valerie

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