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What is Princess Day?

The Princess Day event is an annual party that celebrates young girls of color. 


A free all-inclusive event in the Boston, MA area, where people gather for dancing, playing and other fun activities.


Culture, inclusivity & empowerment are at the heart of the Princess Day event.  In celebrating together, they see themselves in each other.     

The Princess Day event is funded by generous donations from our community. 

How it Started

Princess Day was originally conceived in 2014 by performing artist Valerie Stephens, as a gift to her nieces.  She said to them“You are a Princess just the way you are!”

Then Valerie's idea came to life.


On the first Princess Day, little girls & their families from the community came dressed in tutus, superhero costumes & full princess attire. Filling the Gertrude Howe's Park with laughter and joy.

     What started out as Princess Party for 30 in 2014, has blossomed into a family event for close to 400 people. 


" If you have, know, or are neighbors to girls of color ages 4–10, let their parents or caregivers know about Princess Day 2017. Our seven-year-old daughter and her girlfriends loved this event--and so did all the adults who accompanied them! Whether the frilly pink type of princess or the Wonder Woman type, it was great fun for all--empowering, creative, lots of games, healthy snacks, and drinks, a great atmosphere in which every princess saw themselves reflected in many others. 

-- Mark

" Thank you so much for your very generous donation to Princess Day. I think that Princess Day is important to me because I can see people like me.  it is also important for little girls under my age to see girls that look like them as well.  I really hope they are. It’s important because they can always see people of color around them all of the time.

This donated money will be used on tables, chares, decorations and everything else we need for Princess Day. Thank you so much for your donations they mean a lot to Princess’ from around the world."


- Jade, age 10

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